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RS Publication Technically Co-Sponsored Conferences

The Science and Information Organization enters into agreements for technical co-sponsorship with conference organizing committees as one means of promoting activities for the interest of its members. The objective of this Technical Co Sponsorship is both to:

  • Improve the assistance, The Science and Information Organization provides to conference organizers with which it agrees to be in cooperation-with, and,

  • Help the conference gain greater international visibility, as well as authorship.

These are high-quality conferences, that fall into the common field of interest and would be of great benefit and interest to our readers and associates.

"Technical Co-Sponsorship" means that the The RS Publication, usually through one of its Technical Committees, is significantly involved with the development of the technical program. The  Society, however, does not engage in financial involvement with a conference which it Technically Co-Sponsors and assumes no financial responsibility for the conference.

What are the Benefits of Technical Co-Sponsorship?

  • Your conference will be listed on the The Rs publication web site, bringing your conference to the attention of the Researchers around the world.

  • You may use The Rs publication logos on your web site and other promotional materials.

  • With prior agreement, selected papers from the conference may be published as a special issue of the different journals of Rs publication(subject to the usual peer-review process for the journals).

  • Reduced registration fees for selected manuscript authors, in the upcoming conferences/publications of the Rs publication.

For complete procedure, contact us at :    

RS publication is running eight international journals in different fields. Authors are invited to submit papers for publication. The manuscript must be original and written in English.Paper should be submitted to editor of respective journal.Email id of each editor is available at "call for paper " link.

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