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Our Mission

The mission of RS PUBLICATION is to provide scholarships to exceptionally bright students who have serious financial constraints, enabling them to achieve their goals in field of research. Your help goes a long way.


Since RS PUBLICATION  is a self financed organization therefore we need your help and support to generate fund  for a noble cause .


So kindly denote your fund via PayPal Our pay pal emaili d is



RS PUBLICATION in terms of its focus.

We fund the most talented students and help them pursue the most expensive education. The rationale is simple. The level of high quality  research instruments,setups,various test fee ,attending workshops and seminars, the poor have no chance today to pursue their dreams of becoming a researcher or scientist. However, the growth rate of human will be very high due to new innovations. The student also becomes a role model in the community inspiring others to pursue this path. In other words, RS Publication enabling a talented person  to become an high level researcher and give this world a new concept in all fields of research. By a conservative estimate, all money  invested in a talented research scholar returns 200x to the society.


RS PUBLICATION is unique in one other way - it is self sustaining.

Each scholarship recipient from RS PUBLICATION makes a pledge to support at least two more students once he/she has the capacity to do so. This pledge provides a built in mechanism for the future sustainability of the scholarship program. Unlike most other charities where the flow of money is always one way, RS PUBLICATION's model ensures that the current scholars go on to become future donors. As we become better at sustaining relationships with our scholars, this amount will only go up in the future.


Benefits of donation

1.  An unique aspect of RS PUBLICATION is that every cent of every donation goes to the scholar directly.

2. we will provide one year  free subscription for one  journal of RS Publication of your interest.  

3. A unique digital certificate is provided to the donor.

4. We will publish names of top donors on our website, if donor permits.


Procedure for donation.

1.Please send the money through PayPal to pay pal email id

2. please download  the form  from link given below.

Download form

If the donor does not want to disclose his/her identity, there is no need of filling this form.

3. Send the fully filled form  along with the email you will get from PayPal to

Terms and condition

1. The donation money will not be returned in any circumstances.

2. No tax benefit will provide on this donation